EARNFT - Leading Innovation with Mode Mobile

Mode Mobile, a leading name in the reward app scene, had already previously embarked on the journey of entering the crypto world by creating their own cryptocurrency. The next step for giving it a real life purpose was to make it accessible for their users. For this, I was entrusted with the responsibility of overseeing the successful implementation, testing, and release of the dApp with a clear deadline. By this time, I had already worked with Mode for 2+ years as one of their leading product managers and they had given me the project due to my knack for getting things out on time, with a great eye for detail and my previous knowledge in the crypto space.

The Goal: Unlocking Crypto Rewards - A User-Centric Vision

The concrete goals of the EARNFT project included:

  • Developing a responsive, user-friendly dApp that allows users to link (or create) their wallets and claim Mystery Boxes that had previously been given out as a reward in the separate Mode Earn App.

  • Ensuring the intuitive onboarding process for users, especially those new to the crypto space.

  • Implementing a robust system that complies with legal, security and marketing requirements.

  • Build the dApp in a scalable way so that future 3rd parties would be able to integrate easily and spread Mode’s cryptocurrency adoption.

The Challenge: Navigating Complexity - A Balancing Act

The project posed several challenges:

  • Adapting to a new coding language (React JS) for the front-end team.

  • Balancing user experience with legal and marketing alignment.

  • Finding a user-friendly way of onboarding users both totally new and experienced in the crypto area.

  • Designing an experience that is able to keep users engaged for a period of over a year due to crypto vesting schedules.

  • Ensuring quality assurance, including writing and finding edge cases for crypto/ENFT specific issues that also takes into account community-based crypto voting.

The Project Phases
  • Research: Conducted competitor research and user testing with interactive mock-ups to understand user needs and preferences.

  • Concept: Developed a clear and innovative concept based on already previous work from crypto and technology leaders of the company that aligned with the company's vision and user expectations.

  • Planning: Created detailed project plans, including SMART OKRs, milestones, and checklists to ensure alignment across different areas.

  • Integration: Worked closely with crypto experts, internal development team and external smart contract contractors, ensuring highest development quality in a new tech stack.

  • Testing: Led various rigorous testing phases, including initial usability and indepth interview user research, QA, internal testing, as well as various independent auditors to ensure the product met quality standards.

  • Analysis: Utilized tools like Dune for on-chain data analysis and MixPanel for front-end analysis, ensuring data-driven decision-making.

Current Status: Enjoying the Crypto-Ride

This project is currently still ongoing and it’s been a pleasure so far to dive deep into the crypto world and work on making it available to such a variety of users throughout the globe.

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