two mobile screens that show the progression from a chaotic app to a well structured game app
two mobile screens that show the progression from a chaotic app to a well structured game app

Embracing the Gaming Era

Mode Mobile, a dynamic company at the forefront of the rewarding app industry with a high profile in gaming offers, had been my professional home for over 1.5 years. With a growing team under my leadership and the trust of the company, we embarked on a transformative journey: transitioning the Mode Earn App from a music-centric platform to a gaming powerhouse.

The Goal: A Game-Changing Pivot
  • Shift in Focus: Transition the app's primary focus from music to gaming, capitalizing on the fact that 66% of our US non-programmatic ARPDAU came from gaming.

  • Unified Gaming Experience: Create a centralized hub for all gaming features, addressing the issue where users were unaware of the diverse gaming features due to the fact that in the past, Mode had just focused on adding one earning feature after the other without really prioritizing a guiding mechanism for users to know where best to earn.

  • Long-term Iterative Roadmap: The shift to a gaming focused strategy was a big one, so it was important to strategically map out the transition journey and provide different iterations to stakeholders to get buy-in and be able to quickly provide an improved experience to users while being able to do reality checks. For this specific project the goal was to do a first shift and re-organize the different gaming offers Mode was already providing to get a first reality check and move on from there to more complex fields (see showcase of "Pay-Per-Minute").

  • Boost Engagement & Revenue: Enhance user engagement and revenue by promoting specific games and improving game discoverability. From previous user research and data analysis we knew that the user's favourite feature was still music, however, that gaming was still hugely popular and the biggest issue was that users were unaware of the different ways they could earn with games on Mode.

The Challenge: Navigating a Complex Gameboard
Final Thoughts & Learnings

The transformation of the Mode Earn App was a testament to the power of user-centric design and strategic planning. By focusing on gaming, we not only tapped into a lucrative revenue stream but also enhanced user engagement and satisfaction. The journey underscored the importance of adaptability, foresight, and the value of a cohesive team.

Project Phases: Mastering the Gameplay
  • User Research: Delved deep into understanding user preferences and pain points to make sure to provide them with a truly intuitive gaming experience.

  • Competitor Analysis: Scoped out the gaming landscape to identify gaps and opportunities.

  • Planning & Iteration Specification: Detailed every phase to ensure clarity and precision.

  • Execution: Implemented the planned changes, ensuring minimal disruptions.

  • Testing: Validated the new features, ensuring they met user expectations and business objectives.

  • Re-framing without Alienation: Transitioning the app's focus without sidelining the existing music-loving user base.

  • Discoverability: Addressing the issue where users couldn't easily find games from all suppliers in one organized place.

  • Trust & Reliability: Overcoming the stigma around offer wall reliability and ensuring users trust the earning potential of games.

  • Activation & Engagement: Reducing friction for game engagement and addressing concerns where users felt they wouldn't earn adequately from games.

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