a fairytale scenario of a girl with baloons walking over grass and a beautiful red tree
a fairytale scenario of a girl with baloons walking over grass and a beautiful red tree

HAM (2017-2018)

Free Online Toolbox:
Research and content writing for 34 free online tools for the creation of digital learning formats, containing an overview sheet for each tool with the description of its essential features, application possibilities and technical requirements of the tool, as well as suggestions for further creative use of the respective tool.

Escape Room Audio Guide & Task UX Writing:
Having been responsible for the creation of a private Escape Room, I created (scripting & recording) 5 audios guiding through the experience. I also did the UX writing for the hints distributed throughout the escape room.

Online Learning Modules:
In order to give employees the opportunity to train their media skills in a self-directed and playful manner, I created 5 online learning nuggets each containing an important topic for media-competent use of digital formats. For this, I researched the relevant content, decided on the different formats for variability, did the video-scripting and managed the creation of the videos done by freelancers.

MerMapp (since 2023)

Crafting the App's Voice:
Navigating the intricate landscape of MerMapp's interface, I meticulously penned the UI/UX copy, ensuring every word, prompt, and notification resonated with the user's journey. This wasn't just about clarity; it was about creating an immersive experience, where the language facilitated seamless interactions and fostered user trust.

Social Media Mastery:
With a demanding schedule of 5 reels a week and 3 posts a day, I sculpted a consistent and engaging narrative for MerMapp's social media presence. Each piece of content was not just a post; it was a carefully crafted message, tailored to resonate with our audience, drive engagement, and elevate the brand's digital footprint.

Cold Emails with a Warm Touch:
In the realm of lead generation, I ventured beyond traditional boundaries. My cold emails were more than just outreach; they were personalized invitations, designed to captivate, resonate, and prompt action. Every subject line, every call-to-action was optimized to maximize open rates and conversions.

The AI Advantage:
To achieve this level of precision and consistency as a one-woman-project, especially in the dynamic world of marketing, I developed my own AI supported templates and routines. This wasn't just about efficiency; it was about ensuring that every word, every message, remained unmistakably on-brand.

coLegend (2015-2020)

Product Video:
Story-boarding, video-scripting & stop-motion creation of product video
Watch Video

Landing Page:
structuring, graphic design & content creation of first landing page

Onboarding Journey:
creation of user flow and storyboard; scripting and recording of 8 onboarding stories and 16 linked tutorials; user testing and journey improvements

Character Creation:
personality tests research and analysis, questionnaire development and storytelling for different personas

UX writing for the entire app (buttons, notifications, tutorials & FAQ)

Pitch PDF Presentation:
content creation for introductory PDF presentation that could be used for cold acquisition purposes

Email Templates:
Creation and validation of email templates for various sales funnels and their respective stages (4 different event funnels, cold/warm acquisition, etc.).

Team Member Search Material:
Creation of a graphic for quick online distribution (via Facebook and Chats) and a detailed team member search description for filling a technical support position.

VegaX Holdings (January 2021)

Landing Page Improvements:
Making the product more relatable by improving text related graphics.

Investment Process Improvements:

  • shorter and more precise UX writing and more relevant graphics during onboarding;

  • clearer distinction between enabled and disabled buttons and clearer highlighting of desired actions;

  • less technical UX writing and more help via graphics and video for actual investment steps

Contra (December 2020)

Landing Page Improvements:

  • more intuitive and clearer interaction with persona-pictures;

  • clearer color use in reference to primary vs secondary buttons;

  • sticking with one primary and secondary color instead of confusing various shades;

Onboarding Improvements:
Including the playful vibe of the landing page also in the UX writing in necessities like ticking off the Terms & Conditions and Privacy boxes, as well as in the email verification.

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